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Real Estate

The best country to invest in Real Estate; Mexico

Real Estate

We are sure that you already knew that the real estate industry plays a fundamental role in Mexico’s economy and that this sector has been developing exponentially for more than 10 years. So, let’s ask you the question: Are you interested in buying a home in Mexico? If you just nodded your head in agreement, then you certainly came to the right place as Mexico is a highly recommended and fantastic place to invest in real estate. Why? We will explain below. 


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Real Estate in Mexico


The Global Property Guide maintains that Mexico is among the first places on the index of Latin American countries with the highest growth rate in the value of real estate for sale. At Iniestra & Associates, we understand your needs and we know that “Having a good corner is no longer enough!”. Acquiring a property requires the advice of a team of experts in the field who are able to guide you through the purchase process and suggest the best practices for your choice.


Our firm has helped hundreds of clients achieve their dreams of buying or selling property in Mexico. And of course, our team of experts can make this process a smooth, transparent, professional and cost-effective purchase.


"The Mexican Real Estate market has become increasingly sophisticated with great use of technology, data analysis, among other activities". Javier Camarena, CEO of MEOR Real Estate Investment Fund, in an interview with Real Estate Market.


Real Estate is not only about acquiring houses and our team of advisors are completely clear about that. That is why our professionals can advise you on the purchase of lots, or condominiums too. If you are interested also in acquiring hotels, hostels and businesses, we can also help you throughout this process, just leave it in our hands! 


An important fact before concluding with this topic is that the cost of living in Mexico, compared to the United States or Canada is much lower. It is also important to remember that at least in the southern part of Mexico where Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Holbox and El Cuyo are located, these are tourist areas and tourism is synonymous with profit. Last but not least, real estate sales in the Riviera Maya are growing by 20% every year. Take this just as an important fact to keep in mind!

At Iniestra and Associates we make sure you acquire the property of your dreams whether it is a house, condo or even a hotel. A great advantage of investing in real estate in the southern zone of Mexico is tourism, capital gains and privileged locations Don’t forget, we are here to help you! 




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