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Do you need advice on intellectual property matters?

intellectual property

We boast a wide variety of services that we have at your disposal, to ensure that we fulfil all of your needs. Today we wish to share with you more about our intellectual property service, with which we seek to protect your trademark through its registration before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.


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Intellectual property protects all creations


Intellectual property allows you to protect all original creations, whether tangible or intangible. Such property can be literary, artistic or scientific. Protecting creations intends to give the artist the peace of mind to continue making use of his creation.


Intellectual property stimulates economic growth.

We have experts in the area that can answer your questions and solve any issues related to the registration of trademarks. As we mentioned before, this registration is done before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) or before the Institute of Copyrights.


Protecting your creations is highly important, as your work will be rewarded and, in the end, you will see the benefits. For example, if your brand becomes highly recognized, you may have the opportunity to grant franchises.


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At Iniestra and Associates we recommend for you to carry out the registration of your trademark to avoid problems such as image theft. Join the large group of companies that decide to register their trademarks and patents now!


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